When To Buy New Shoes – Analyze Your Shoes To Discover The Secrets In Your Soles

July 1, 2016  by Dr. Suki Munsell

Do you have uneven wear pattern on your shoes?

Ever wonder when to buy new shoes to reduce wear and tear on your body? Use these 6 ideas to analyze your shoes and improve your stride.

1.  Look at the bottom of your walking shoes. Are the right and left soles worn evenly at the heel where you first contact the ground? Check the wear pattern at the toe box where you push off. Do the right and left sides of your shoes differ? This might indicate pronation (falling to the inside of your foot) or supination (falling to the outside) signaling the need to buy new shoes.

2.  Place your shoes on a flat surface – like a table top.Crouch down to look at them at eye level. Notice if one of your shoes is different from the other – leaning more toward the instep or outside edge. Is one shoe more compressed or collapsed than the other? This would indicate a dominant leg.

3. Match what you see to what you feel when you walk.  Do you feel yourself rolling to the inside (pronation) or outside (supination) of either foot?  Do you push off harder on one side as in the photo? Do you tend to walk or stand more heavily on a favored foot?

4. When in doubt check it out. If you notice these issues, or have joint pain in your legs, hips or spine, before you buy new shoes, bring your body in for an alignment. Remember, if you want the least wear and tear on your tires, check with your local mechanic.If you want to reduce wear and tear on your body, check with your local Bio-mechanic. That’s us!

5. Invest in better biomechanics. If you live to age 80, walking an average of 7,500 steps a day, you’re estimated to walk five times around the earth! That’s 216,262,500 steps in a lifetime! Your small investment in practicing efficient biomechanics will save you time and money down the road – for less than pennies per mile.

6. Improve your posture and stride. Whether you are recovering from injury, are a senior seeking active aging, or a wounded athlete re-conditioning your body from the ground up, you’ll achieve your goals through our biomechanically based Dynamic Walking trainings and classes.

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Suki Munsell, Ph.D., somatic therapist, educator, and Dynamic Walking coach