A Vibrant Image of Aging

June 1, 2016  by Dr. Suki Munsell

What is your image of aging? Are you choosing the best foods and activities to enjoy dynamic vitality life long? Can you use some support?

A Spotlight on the Munsells
Suki and Russell are committed to helping you live and age with dynamic vitality. Their parents inspired positive images of aging. Health Science Magazine featured the Munsells in their spring issue. “Suki and Russell Munsell spent many years searching for the best methods to live healthy, productive lives before marrying in the 1990 and collaborating professionally. Life-long teachers and students of natural health and exercise, they each credit their parents with inspiring good habits.” Read more…

Make Smart Exercise Choices
Smart lifestyle choices include healthy exercise. The Harvard Health Publication’s article, 5 of the Best Exercises You can Ever Do, lists Tai Chi, walking and swimming among the best activities for any age and fitness level. The Munsell’s teach all three. “ Often we have a fifty year age span in our classes,” report the Munsells. “How you exercise is as important as what you do,” Suki and Russ believe. “In all of our classes, we teach efficient biomechanics that help our students heal and prevent injuries. You can transform how you move through life.”

Make Smart Food Choices
For the past twenty years the Munsells have been experimenting with a plant based diet. Several times they have benefited from water fasting for several days at TrueNorth, an integrative medicine center in Santa Rosa, which they recommend to some of their clients. “At present,” the Munsells explain, with a wry smile, “we are plant-based, chocoholic, omnivores, but the bulk of our diet is indeed green.” Contact the Munsells to learn more.

Start today to…
Take daily walks to keep your body moving and your mind clear.
(Join their Wednesday Dynamic Walking Group to prevent and heal injuries from faulty stride mechanics.
• Enjoy Dynamic Swimming to learn a stress-free of swimming marine-mammal style. (Every Tuesday morning at 11 a.m.)
• Practice Dynamic Tai Chi & Qigong in daily life to promote inner healing and strength.(Taught Tuesdays and Saturdays at 9 a.m., rain or shine.)
• Plan your meals around a plant based diet.
• Search for blue skies and a sunny outlook. (All of the Munsells classes are outdoors in beautiful locations.)
Laugh out loud at least least once a day. (“We learn best when we are relaxed and having fun, so join us for classes.”)