Empowering Women Empowering Others

September 25, 2019  by Dr. Suki Munsell

Do you remember the first person, a teacher or parent perhaps, who empowered you?  Who made you feel you could achieve your dreams?

Asking myself that question, a high school teacher popped to mind. She surprised me after class one day by gifting me with a hand-carved wooden coat button. The interior was of hammered metal, painted in beautiful colors. “This is a tradition in my family,” she said. “We give a button to someone special. I believe you will do wonderful things one day.”

I was dumbstruck. I could barely thank her. I wondered, what does she see; what am I to do? So I saved the precious button memory and return to it when I need to believe in myself as strongly as she believed in me.

We can draw power from these memories. I also draw power, with deep gratitude, from my colleagues who are equally committed to serving others. They reach for the highest and best in themselves and share their knowledge generously, joyfully, encouraging you to do the same.

Fill your weeks with the following inspiring opportunities. Join their mailing lists to access transformative trainings guaranteed to delight and revitalize your spirit.

~Dr. Suki

Empowered Health

Sally La Mont is a naturopathic doctor and acupuncturist at Marin Natural Medicine with over 30 years’ experience in functional medicine. She draws on a vast professional background to provide clients (myself included) the latest medical research, effective products, and delicious free recipes (Dr. Sally’s Kitchen) to help others achieve balanced health. You can preview and join her 8-week online course – The Secrets to Healthy Aging! – beginning now.


Empowered Life Pulse

Barbara Borden, consummate drummer, performer and teacher, will hold the rhythmic pulse for the Planetary Dance at Bioneers, as she has done for decades at our Mount Tamalpais Planetary Dance. (Mark your calendar – our 40th PD will be on June 7, 2020). Barbara is the subject of the award winning documentary, Keeper of the Beat: A Woman’s Journey into the Heart of Drumming that aired on PBS. Join Barbara’s classes to empower the pulse of life within you.


Empowered Community Vision

Nina Simmons is an award winning social entrepreneur and visionary thinker.  She co-founded Bioneers in 1990 with her husband Kenny Ausubel. Nina began advocating for Women’s Leadership in her first book, Moonrise, the Power of Women Leading from the Heart. Join us at Bioneers in San Rafael, CA from October 18th – 20th to hear Nina and Kenny’s inspiring keynote speeches. Network with extraordinary people, like yourself, dedicated to planetary renewal.

Empowered Walking Lifelong

Dynamic Vitality How long do you hope to keep walking? Walking is a keystone activity – critical to maintaining your healthy brain, body, and spirit. Learn efficient biomechanics to insure Lifelong Legs. Join Suki and Russell Munsell for this year’s popular Dynamic Walking Transformation presentation at Bioneers on Saturday, October 19th from 2:45 – 4:15 pm.

Empowered Planetary Dancing

Daria Halprin, teacher, author and therapist, is the co-founder, with her mother, dancer/choreographer Anna Halprin, of Tamalpa Institute. This innovative movement, dance and expressive arts program was founded in 1978. Their world-wide programs engage individuals, teachers, and communities in social change and transformation. Join them for a free Planetary Dance at the Bioneers Conference on Saturday, October 19th at 6:15 pm.


Empowered Gardening


Toni Gattone is an expert on adaptive gardening and author of The Lifelong Gardener, Garden with Ease and Joy at any Age.  This book is full of great advice. After reading Toni’s book, I’m making changes to be able to garden lifelong. Foremost, of course, is respecting my human nature by staying strong and vital.  Toni agrees. She invited me to contribute 7 Dynamic Vitality Exercises for Gardeners. The book, released in August, is already in its second printing! A great gift for gardeners, order from Toni’s website.


Empowered Environment

Shana Rappaport, of GreenBiz, works tirelessly as Vice President and Executive Director of VERGE, the platform for accelerating a clean economy. VERGE 19 will be held in Oakland, CA, from October 22-24th. The State of California is collaborating with VERGE to evolve a grid for a clean energy future. Come meet the brightest minds in sustainability, technology & business. Empower yourself to be part of the green revolution.


Empowered Women

Karen Wilhelm Buckley, founder of Communicore Consulting Services, helps empower leaders and organizations to leverage exciting opportunities and address critical challenges. For thirty years she has helped leaders and their teams bring their visions to life. Yearly she offers Women’s Wisdom Retreats, co-led with Dianne Morrison, at a nature sanctuary on Molokai. I’ve been fortunate to attend and to contribute my skills. Join us for this empowering training, May 16-23, 2020. A few spaces are still available.


Empowered Body

Suki Munsell, assisted by Dana Aravelo, will be leading Dynamic Walking for Lifelong Legs, our in-depth six session training beginning November 1st in Marin County, CA. Recondition your body, prevent injuries and age with vitality.  Exercise your freedom to choose and your power to change.  REGISTER