Dynamic Walking for Lifelong Legs


Walk lighter, taller, younger, stronger 

A 6-week training program in Dynamic Walking


Here’s what you will learn:

  • To identify limiting patterns through photo and video analysis,
  • An aerobic style to build conditioning and lose or maintain weight,
  • To use poles to simultaneously build core and upper body,
  • Natural hiking techniques (with and without poles) for any terrain, and
  • Two to three Dynamic Stretching programs: Trailside, Leaning Plank and Seated.


  • Improve your posture and stride with every step you take,
  • Relieve pain, prevent injuries and build resilience to take life in stride,
  • Develop greater flexibility and balance for daily activities and sports,
  • Enjoy a more youthful appearance, and
  • Feel comfortable in your body to have fun doing what you love.



6-week training of 10 hours in Mill Valley, CA:

5 hours in a Studio, 5 hours on a Trail


Fall Session:

Fridays – September 13 & 20:  2 – 4:30pm and

Fridays -September 27, October 11, 18 & 25:  2 – 3:15 pm




$485 per person

$435 per person for buddies enrolling together (a $50 savings per person)


$785 private sessions if you wish to take this training individually at other times

$735 per person for buddies enrolling together (a $50 savings per person)

"Suki has made it possible for me to look forward to walking. Her gentle loving nature and positive attitude has helped me to forgive myself for years of self abuse and my relentless chronic pain is going away."

Elise C.