Building a Strong Core Has Never Been So Easy

August 2, 2019  by Dr. Suki Munsell

It’s Not Just About Sit-Ups Anymore

Building a strong core is the trunk of our tree of life. Energy can flow upward and downward without kinks and twists. Living life from a centered place enhances our feeling of being balanced, connected to our roots and reaching outward to the world around us.

Can you think of at least 5 other benefits of building a strong core? Here are several; reducing the risk of back pain, enjoying taller posture, breathing more fully, having better circulation to internal organs, improving balance, performing all of life’s daily tasks easier, and reducing reaction time – like preventing a fall or catching something thrown to you.

Truth be told, as a dancer, I hated the idea of building core by doing sit-ups so I avoided them. Instead I discovered how to build core through dance and power walking which demanded not only strong legs but core connection.

Watch our latest So Easy video and learn to create more space for your core muscles to engage, and a technique to engage them!  Get more from your walk. Feel lifted and strong, as you build core muscles.

Try it….we think you’ll like it!

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