Common Walking Problems: Part 4 of 6 From Slumping to Light & Lifted

May 3, 2018  by Dr. Suki Munsell

Correct slumping, one of the 6 Common Walking Problems with the ‘Shirt Pull’ exercise that students love to do – because it works. Stay tuned each week for simple solutions. Transform walking problems into walking solutions.

4. From Slumping to Light & Lifted

The Problem: When we slump we are out of postural alignment in gravity – and gravity will win. Our muscles must hold us up doing the job our skeleton was designed to do. They become stressed and fatigued. Poor posture limits our breathing and our vitality. As our inner organs pooch forward, a bulging belly can make us feel even heavier.

Warning Signs:  You may be Slumping if you notice a heavy or slow walk, poor posture, spinal or joint pain, or difficulty breathing.

Somatic Benefits: The psychological shift to Light & Lifted is feeling more positive and upbeat as if ‘the weight of the world is off your shoulders.’ Many report feeling less overwhelmed and burdened.

The Solution: You can correct slumping by realigning your posture in gravity. The first step is lifting your upper body up and off of your lower back and hips. Train-in this response many times a day – after sitting, driving, computing or walking – whenever you find yourself slumping.

Exercise: The Shirt Pull.  Standing in place, cross your wrists in front of your waist. Lift your elbows, arms and shoulders by drawing your hands up along your body until they are overhead reaching tall. As you lower your arms (hands in your peripheral vision), relax your shoulders while you maintain a lifted torso. Begin walking and practice the Shirt Pull 1-3 times. Notice the lightness in your step.  Repeat 5-8 times during your walks to build a stronger core and relieve joint compression.

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