Breathe Easier

October 19, 2017  by Dr. Suki Munsell

The blistering orange sun burns through the smoky morning sky. I feel saddened for our Sonoma & Napa County neighbors and so many others across the country rebounding from ‘natural’ disasters.

Even as I seek to green my lifestyle and politics, smoke from nearby fires envelopes the Bay Area where I live. It’s inconceivable that amidst these environmental catastrophes our politicians are scrapping environment regulations.

We are not breathing easy these days. Life feels out of balance.

Stress and poor air quality combine to limit full breathing. Poor posture takes its toll. Shallow, rapid chest breathing releases fight or flight hormones inducing stress. However, abdominal breathing releases tension. Gentle stretching promotes circulation, increases vitality and washes away worries.

Return the locus of control back to yourself.  Stretch gently and breathe deeply, slowly. Say yes to the moment, to the flow of life force pulsing through my body. Reconnect to your inner nature. With each gentle breath, raise your spirit.

Let Dynamic Stretching be an antidote to clean cobwebs from your lungs and your thoughts. As air quality improves, enjoy the luxury of breathing deeply. Reclaim the helm of your ship despite the surrounding winds of change.

Join us at the Bioneers Conference this weekend to be part of a future environment of hope based in breakthrough solutions inspired by nature and human ingenuity.
Oct 21-23, 2017