Bioneers Conference Recap

October 25, 2017  by Dr. Suki Munsell

As the political and environmental climate in our country plunges from urgency into emergency, the yearly Bioneers conference antidotes my feelings of impotence, angst and rage.

Founded 28 years ago by Kenny Ausubel and Nina Simons, Bioneers– Revolution from the Heart of Nature – continues to “act as a seed head for game-changing social and scientific vision, knowledge and practices advancing the great transformation.” (from this year’s program notes)

Speakers and breakout sessions inspire, educate, and mobilize projects to rebuild our country and culture sustainably with respect for the rights of nature and each other. Each year I watch attendance increase, ingenuity broaden and despair mobilize into action.

My yearly contribution to Bioneers, training participants in Walking Transformation – the world we want and how to walk there, adds to the collective effort to learn from the wisdom of nature. We must begin within, I believe, listening to the guidance from our human nature if we are to model a sustainable world. “I carry my head forward and didn’t realize how heavy it is,” reported one participant. “It was super enlightening to feel the difference. My shoulder and neck pain are gone.”

As we transform our walk, we transform our journey. One step at a time.

As I compose these words for you, I receive Nina’s email. “I know how much people LOVE your session each time, so thank you SO, so much!” My heart feels blessed. I rededicate myself to personal and global transformation. I hope you do, too.


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