5 Trending Reasons to Get Up and Walk

February 15, 2018  by Sami Daniel-Lindner

Can staying healthy get any easier?  Quick and simple tips for getting in your daily dose of walking.

1.  Social Walking for Better Results
Walking together is both motivating and fun.  Walking in groups helps you stick to your exercise goals according to a recent study led by Anglia Ruskin University. So call a friend, find a partner or join an existing walking group and get out to enjoy the great outdoors.

2.  Three 10-minute Walks and Reap the Benefits
Since getting in 10,000 steps a day can feel daunting, a recent BBC One documentary called The Truth About Getting Fit, claims that ‘Active 10’, which is taking 3 speedy 10 minute walks a day, can provide better results. Shouldn’t be too hard to find time for that!

3.  Walking is FREE 
Who wants to pay for a Gym membership and never use it?  You have the perfect gym right outside your door.  A brisk walk is a great workout with so many health benefits according to this article on Active.com.

4.  Indoor Walking Works, too
If it’s too cold or hot outside or your closest outdoor space is a busy urban street, why not take advantage of indoor facilities?  Read these 6 tips for indoor walking to keep yourself fit!

5. Hiking May be the Next Biggest Trend
According to some experts, hiking may take over yoga as the latest fitness craze. As life becomes more urbanized, getting out in nature is soothing and healing.  Dynamic Hiking is one of the programs we teach.  Get ahead of the trend…start hiking today.

When you get out and walk…make sure you are walking in the most bio-mechanically efficient way.  Dynamic Walking has brought thousands of people out of pain from repetitive stress injuries that can occur from inefficient walking patterns.  Who knew?

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