Walking Transformation

September 20, 2021  by Dr. Suki Munsell

Our bodies, like all of nature, are in constant change. How we walk, stand, express and think are the soup of our self-creating process.

My posture photos document the structural changes I’ve accomplished over three decades. But like you, I am a work in process. To me, pursuing body transformation is empowering, a great game. The more efficiently I use my body, the stronger and more balanced I feel.

If I had healed fully from my early adult sports injuries – those invincible years, right! –  then perhaps I’d never suffered from lingering injuries that never fully resolved. I may never have chosen to pursue and teach a somatic approach to physical education, a great joy to share these past three decades.

The Story these Photos Tell
When I saw my first posture photo in the 1990s I was shocked. I had just began teaching Dynamic Walking and suggested taking photos to dive deeper than trailside practice. Seeing this first photo I realized how my injuries and activities, the wear and tear of life, accumulated and walked along with me.

In the first photo, you can see:#1, a lean to my right.#2, a higher left shoulder.#3, a lower right hip and pelvis.#4, less space in my right mid-section – compression.#5, spinal rotation to my right. Because of the torque, the back of my right arm and hand is more visible than the left.Seeing the photo I understood how the combination of my twist and lean put uneven stress on my spine and hip causing the leg sciatica I had been experiencing. I could feel my weight landing more heavily on the outside of my foot towards my heel.

The arrows on the second photo, taken in 2015, show the next chapter of the story. Less upper body torque and lean.

In the recent photo, on the far right, my spine is more balanced. Shoulders more even, still with some spinal torque. Curiously, my right lower arm protrudes from my side, the result, I imagine, of using a mouse for hours a day

To make these changes, I’ve learned to disidentify with the judgmental part of my personality that dislikes some aspect of my body. I’ve added healthier, happier and more active years to my life. Well worth the time and effort.

Calling all Walking Transformers
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Calling all Health and Fitness Professionals
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Dr. Suki’s dream is to get as many people walking bio-mechanically efficiently and pain free as possible, so they can walk life-long. She has spent decades refining her Dynamic Walking program. It’s the most comprehensive course available.