Dynamic Walking
for Lifelong Legs and Vitality

Retrain your walk to achieve efficient biomechanics. The profound, yet simple practice of walking revitalizes your body and stimulates self-healing.

The twists and turns of your journey shape your steps ... and your life.

The truth is those unexpected accidents and injuries, weight fluctuations, illnesses and aging, and even stress, impact your posture and ultimately your stride. All of this culminates in patterns that affect the mechanics of how you walk.

Why does that matter?

A mechanically incorrect walking stride can rob you of energy, cause joint pain, and alter your mood.


Walking throughout your entire lifetime is critical to maintaining good health.

Americans average 6,000 steps a day — that’s 1,400 miles a year!

And, with each incorrect step habits are unconsciously formed that, over time, become more difficult to correct.

The question you have to ask yourself ...

"Why would I settle for declining health and decreased vitality, when all I need to do is simply walk smarter toward better health?"

Ultimately, we walk less because it is no longer comfortable or easy to do so. But what if there was a safe and effective way to enjoy walking again?

There is an enjoyable,
more revitalizing way to walk.

With a few simple changes you can use those 6,000 steps
to build a lighter, stronger, more comfortable stride
with the Dynamic Walking method.

It’s a promise that we make with full confidence.


“I developed the Dynamic Walking method to walk pain-free. That’s what I want for you.”

— Dr. Suki Munsell

Hello I’m Dr. Suki,

”As a somatic movement therapist and walking coach for three decades I’ve helped thousands of people transform poor walking habits into healthy ones.

Learn their secrets in this step-by-step training. The engaging exercises are highly effective in helping you gain your goals, be they weight management, increased comfort, improved posture, flexibility and balance, or getting a better workout.

Watch the video below and then choose the program that fits your time and budget.”

Introducing Dynamic Walking℠ for Lifelong Legs

Watch the video and then choose the program that fits your time and budget.

Learn More

Part 1: Walk Strong with Effortless Ease

> Unlock the secrets indoor stride.
> Discover your walking habits.
> Learn 3 keys to growing lighter, taller, younger,
and stronger as you walk.
> Learn the trick to preventing falls on any terrain.

Part 2: Rebalance, Rebuild, and Relax with Dynamic Stretching

> Learn 12 quick & easy trailside exercises
to keep the kinks out.
> Release and realign your spine and shoulders.
> Grow flexible in your hips and strong in your legs.

Part 3: Build a Dynamic Stride

> Unlock the story in your posture and rewrite your script.
> Build dynamic balance for any terrain.
Take great posture into action.
> Help heal injuries and prevent future ones.

Part 4: Learn the Biomechanics of Effortless Walking

> Alternate effort with ease as you walk.
> Relax your neck, shoulders, and hips
as you swing your arms and legs freely.
> Send your core power through your arms and legs
with every step.

Part 5: Walk Strong, Walk Free

> Free yourself from tension to build
a graceful glide at any speed.
> Pick up speed safely to build endurance
and re-balance weight.
> Climb stairs with ease and hike pain-free.

What Students Tell Us ...

"Now, I don't hurt when I walk."

"I'd stopped going for walks because of the pain. Now everything is better, I don't hurt when I walk. This has given me a new lease on life. It's a miracle." - Pam D.

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"Step up and tap into my 30-years of experience.
When you change the way you walk, you change everything!"

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