Women's Wisdom

Courage of the Heart

Led by Karen Buckley and Dianne Morrison with Suki Munsell, Ph.D.

Our hearts are a potent force for change in the process of transformation. In this program we will experience how Being Love and Coming from Love elevates our state of being so that our courageous choices make a difference, so that together we create the future we most want for ourselves, and for the well-being of all life for years to come.

Suki will be offering dynamic movement each morning to anchor our body awareness in courage. Learn self-cueing techniques to live life feeling renewed, recharged, and empowered.

Online April 26 - 30, 2021 9 am - 12 pm PST
$500 - scholarships available

Ageless Living

Ageless Beauty, Vitality & Wellbeing Inside Out

Led by Sedena Cappanelli with Suki Munsell, Ph.D. and other guest presenters.

This retreat is an opportunity for you to renew, regenerate, and to experience practical wellness techniques for de-stressing, increasing energy, balance, well-being and vibrant youthfulness.Sedena has been offering self-enhancement retreats for women around the country for over 20 years. She is the co-producer and one of the presenters of the Ageless Living Television Series for PBS. She is also the co-founder of AgeNation. Her highly effective strategies will help you tap into the power of regeneration and self-empowerment in aging and in life.

Suki will be one of the three guest presenters offering The Body Language of Ageless Beauty. What would happen daily if you dress yourself in comfort, health and joy? Learn self-cueing techniques to radiate ageless beauty.

Online, Friday, May 7th, 4 - 6pm PST and Saturday, May 8th, 9 - 11:30 am & 1:30 - 4pm PST

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