York Nordic Ultralight Walking Poles

maximize your workouts safely
Of the many poles on the market, our stamp of approval is on York Nordic for best price combined with great features like the easy grip, ergonomically designed cork handles. Chosen as one of the Top Ten Poles, they are perfect for adventurous hikers or everyday walkers. On sale now - $45



  • Burn 20% – 40% more calories and increase your aerobic workout by 25% by exercising both upper and lower body with every step,
  • Reduce strain on low back, hips, knees and ankles,
  • Build better posture by strengthening core and back muscles,
  • Improve balance, stability and confidence,
  • Avoid unbalanced muscular development using a cane or single pole.


About York Nordic Poles

  • Poles are adjustable to fit your height, stride length or arm length using power flip locks
  • Each set includes 2 poles, detachable rubber feet, snow baskets, and free black nylon travel bag
  • We’ve added tapered rubber tips for asphalt surfaces to decrease jarring in wrists, elbows and shoulders
  • Poles come in two designs – the longer collapsible poles or folding version for use in carry on luggage
  • Collapsible poles expand from 32” – 54” and weigh only 9 ounces each
  • Folding-Short poles for users under 5’4″ adjust from 33″ to 43″. At 8 oz each, and 15.5″, they will fit in your carry on
  • Folding-Regular poles for users over 5’4″.  Poles adjust from 42.5″ – 53″. At just under 9 oz each, and 15.5″, they will fit in your carry on
  • 5 year warranty on all York Nordic poles

Increase your upper body and core workout with Nordic Walking Poles