Tai Chi & Qigong

Dynamic Tai Chi & Qigong with Russell & Suki Munsell

Develop your personal practice through a uniquely designed session with Russell, a blend of Qigong and Tai Chi forms to integrate body, mind and spirit. Every class offers a fresh and engaging experience in flowing movements, self-massage, breathing and meditation - essential building blocks for your personal care practice.
  • Breathe freely, focus your intention and discover your personal experience of Qi.
  • Practice graceful spiral movements at a slow tempo to increase your balance, flexibility, and core strength.
  • Enjoy a variety of mind-body tools and techniques drawn from the internal arts traditions, somatic practices and movement principles.

Mindfulness 101

Body Mindfulness 101 with Suki Munsell

Fundamentals for Every Body with Suki Munsell. Every class is a fun and fact-filled journey of discovery and active exploration. An invitation to come home to your body mind; to deepen your ease, enrich your life, and to move with greater freedom and grace.
  • Live strong, stretched and centered
  • Build trustworthy balance
  • Improve posture, power and productivity
  • Build a more resilient you
  • Find peace and replenishment within - sanctuary in uncertain times

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