Walking throughout your entire lifetime is critical to maintaining good health.

Americans average 6,000 steps a day - that's 1,400 miles a year! And, with each incorrect step habits are unconsciously formed that, over time, become more difficult to correct.

Ultimately, we walk less because it is no longer comfortable or easy

The question you have to ask yourself is ...

"Why would I settle for declining health and decreased vitality, when all I need to do is simply walk smarter toward better health?"

"I developed the Dynamic Walking program method to walk pain-free. That's what I want for you."

Hello I'm Dr. Suki,

"As a somatic movement therapist and walking coach for three decades I've helped thousands of people transform poor walking habits into healthy ones.

Learn their secrets in this step=by=step training. The emgaging exercises are highly effective in helping you gain your goarls, be they weight management, increased comfort, improved posture, flexibility and balance, or getting a better workout.

Program Design

In this self-paced, self-study program, you will have access to all the materials you need to start your journey toward Lifelong Legs.

You'll receive:
  • 11 on-line lessons with easy-to-learn exercises
  • 6 audio lessons coaching you through the exercises as you walk
  • A video of 12 trail-side stretches to keep the kinks out
  • Resource Library of study tools
  • Optional Personal Coaching to privately analyze your stride

Part 1: Walk Strong with Effortless Ease

In Part 1 you will learn:
  • Unlock the secrets in your stride
  • Discover your walking habits
  • Learn 3 keys to growing lighter, taller, younger, and stronger as you walk
  • Learn the trick to preventing falls on any terrain

I'm Ready

to start my journey toward Lifelong Legs