Suki’s Holiday Bundle

Stretch, Walk & Power
Suki's Dynamic Stretching series, combined with Prevention's Complete Book of Walking and York Nordic Walking Poles are the perfect combination to up your health and wellness game.




  • The Dynamic Stretching series can be done in as little as 8 minutes for a quick reset any time of day.
  • Dynamic Walking, as featured in Prevention’s Complete Book of Walking, can help you transform how you move through life. ¬†Whether on the trail, down the hall, or wandering the parking lot for your car, Dynamic Walking gives you solutions for common walking problems to avoid repetitive stress injuries, so you can walk life long!
  • York Nordic Walking Poles help build better posture by strengthening core and back muscles, and improve balance, stability and confidence, on and off the trail.

Gain balance, endurance and strength with these 3 great tools, hand picked by Suki Munsell.