Russell’s Holiday Bundle

Relax, awaken, & heal
Relax with Russell Munsell's meditative training using his Autogenics audio download.

Awaken to mastering your vitality, with his 9 Phases of Qigong video.

Heal using the movement, massage, meditation, and breathing techniques in this classic paperback book, The Healer Within, by Roger Janke, OMD.




  • Learn meditative exercises to help you relax during this busy and chaotic time with Russell’s Autogenics audio download.
  • Awaken your body to its natural state, breathing freely, focusing your intention on the discovery of your personal experience of Qi. Russell leads you through the 9 Phases of Qigong, allowing you to deepen your integration of mind, body and spirit.
  • Discover your self healing power with insights from Roger Janke’s book, The Healer Within. With this revolutionary guide, you will learn four simple and remarkably effective techniques to release your natural powers for healing

Russell Munsell is a polymath of heart, mind, and soul. He can do and impart “beginner’s mind” and sophisticated, complex wisdom. Ultimately, he is a problem-solver of the mind, body, and spirit and the interaction with the world.

D. Ullman