Sitting Down and Standing Up Have Never Been So Easy

February 12, 2019  by Dr. Suki Munsell

Have you ever collapsed into a chair and strained to get back up? Wondering if there is another way? Watch our latest So Easy video and learn how to safely and gracefully sit down and get back up.

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Heels Have Never Been So Easy

December 21, 2018  by Dr. Suki Munsell

Are you looking forward to parties this holiday season and considering wearing heels but want to be safe and look great?  With ankle sprains reported as 45% of all sports injuries, you need some good strategies.

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Stairs Have Never Been So Easy

December 5, 2018  by Dr. Suki Munsell

Have you experienced that moment when you can either take the staircase or the elevator, and you choose the elevator?  More importantly, you wish you had chose stairs?

Well there is an easier way to use the stairs without joint pain or muscle strain. We all want that, right?

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Build Core with Ease – The Leaning Plank Series: The Swiss Army Knife of Exercise Part 2 of 3

August 28, 2018  by Dr. Suki Munsell

To help my dance teacher Anna return to greater mobility following a spinal fracture, I introduced her to the Leaning Plank exercises I had been developing. She’d been in pain and inactive for a few months. We were at her oceanside home at Sea Ranch. From the kitchen counter we could watch the coastal cypress

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Build Core with Ease – the Leaning Plank Series: The Swiss Army Knife of Exercise Part 1 of 3

August 1, 2018  by Dr. Suki Munsell

"This one exercise does it all," said Anna, my dance teacher, as she demonstrated a plank position against her studio wall.  "Stand tall, Suki.  Lean. Bring in your belly (toward your backbone) so you stay straight.  Hold. Can't you feel your core strengthening?  Now try some push-ups.  Can you feel how your back strength connects to your core?"

I was skeptical that the Leaning Plank could be the Swiss Army knife of exercise until I began exploring its seemingly endless variations.

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