Program Testimonials 

Private, group, corporate & teacher trainings



Introductory Training conducted in 2 - two hour classes.

“Suki is a vibrant, energetic, healthy example of her teachings.  I feel more in my body and excited for the long term benefits of ease, strengthening and a graceful posture.”  C.C.

“Taking this class makes me excited about walking and finding the glide as I incorporate the learnings.”  M.L.S

“WALKING TO WELLNESS allowed me to see and feel what I know and have made natural and what I have not yet incorporated.  Using these techniques helps heal and have self awareness of the power that lives within - natural and softly.”  J.G.

“This class fits my exact needs for my body as it rehabilitates.  I still have a lot of retraining work, but I’m so happy I got the basics/fundamentals to get me in the right direction.”  M.R.

“I was surprised at how fun it was.  It opened up my hips and I felt more balanced.  My body was moving more and it was just fluid.  I didn’t have to pull my body.  My body was walking.”  -- Shirley

Walking to Wellness, April 2016


"Before beginning private training in the Dynamic Movement Method I was in severe hip pain as if there was fire inside.  I was born with hip dysplasia which become almost intolerable after the birth of my second child and the demands of carrying two little ones and climbing stairs.  I lost 75% of my mobility and was not even able to sit on the floor with my children to play.  Cortisone shots acted like a band aid, a temporary fix.  A year later I met Dr. Suki Munsell.  I applied all the posture and walking principles to everything I did all day long- how I slept, how I stood in the shower, how I cared for my children, how I sat at my desk as a bookkeeper.  Within 3-6 months I saw dramatic results and felt 150% better.  I was previously non-insurable because of the diagnosis of hip replacement which worried me.  I am now insured and foresee no hip replacement in the future.  I can play with my children, do yoga and even run again pain free.  The techniques have changed my life.  Thank you."   Lisa B.

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8 year old Private Client


"I feel soooo good!  I woke up from a dream in such joy and relief, I knew it was the walking opening me up.  I am now walking each day and sometimes twice a day pain free.  The best part is my knees are feeling good.  After my class, I taught my husband the technique.  He is pain free in his hips for the first time.  I am seriously considering being one of your teachers."   Cindy J.

"When Dynamic Walking trained me, a totally blind man, I found the experience to be most useful for the rest of my life.  My teacher, Eta, got me to performance by the third walk.  The nuances of information necessary to train an unsighted person seemed a matter of routine and the kindness I believe to be one of the perks that goes with Suki's organization.  I am most pleased by the experience." Carter C.

“Had I learned Dynamic Walking before I tried to follow my doctor's instructions to perspire when walking, I am convinced I would not have injured myself. The technique is apparently so simple, not at all complicated to learn, and yet makes such an enormous difference."  Aileen F., Woodberry Books

"I have had two herniated disks for a couple of years which at age 26 I was told I would have to have surgically removed.  I desperately looked for a way out and found the Dynamic Walking program.
This program has made me feel like a different person.  I am more aware of my posture and the stretches have helped alleviate most of my pain.  The walking has allowed me to participate in an aerobic activity once again."
  Lynda S.



" I am getting results after my hip replacement with your training products.  I love them.  I'm already feeling my posture improved.  If I had used them before, I possibly wouldn't have needed the hip replacement." Margaret Nickels, Perry, Georgia

"I have been in pain for over 5 years and spent thousands of dollars on doctor's visits and a battery of tests including ultra sound, x rays, MRI's and bone scans.  The first time I used the Dynamic Body Tape I had pain relief that lasted a half hour. "

John Zeis, mailman, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

" I currently weigh 170.  One year ago I weighted 272.  Dynamic Walking has become a life line in my life.  You are a member of just a small group of people who will be forever in my heart because your kindness and generosity has helped me so." Laura G., stay at home mom, Illinois



"The Dynamic Movement Instructor Certification Training is an exquisitely refined and complete training week.  Every aspect of what your need to professionally teach is covered with clarity and depth.  More importantly, the product you will be delivering is honest, one you can trust.  A RARE FIND!"              Maggie Spilner, Walking Editor, Prevention Magazine, Certified Dynamic Fitness Trainer

"The Dynamic Walking Program is the most educational and valuable tool that I have learned for my career.  The four years of college studying health and fitness are second on the list."                            Tracy Lord, Certified Dynamic Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer, Lake Austin Spa Resort, Lake Austin, Texas

"With over twenty years in this field, I can't believe I had never been taught this program.  This is the absolute foundation for all movement for all people.  This should be learned first."
Sherri Dixon, Certified Dynamic Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer, Lake Austin Spa Resort, Lake Austin, Texas

"I feel honored to have participated in this weeks instructor training.  I too would like to see Dynamic Movement become a prominent concept in health and fitness education.  We might see a tremendous drop in dollars spent on sports related injuries in this country if everyone were to move dynamically."          Travis Anderson, Certified Dynamic Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer, Ojai, California

"After teaching for over a year, I can truly say how appreciative I am to have it all as a focus, a reward and a centering for sharing.  Yes, I feel, look and perform better, but the joy of having clients report their good news is extraordinarily rewarding and hear warming.”
Linda Ethington, Certified Dynamic Fitness Instructor


Teacher Training, Marin California,  c 1997


"This program is excellent.  After working for nine hours with only three hours sleep, I went to a Dynamic Walking session feeling tired, dull and dazed.  Afterwards I was alert, refreshed and able to put in an additional two need hours."   J.L, Secretary, Bio-Rad

"Excellent value to me and to my company.  Health and productivity are intertwined.  Both impact my performance at work and my personal satisfaction.”   G.S, Administrative Assistant, LSI Logic

"It is worth every minute of the time.  I am a low more knowledgeable about the human body and its relationship to the work environment around it."   S.S, Supervisor, Catalytica

"Thank you for your work improving the health and productivity of my skin care salon employees as well as my children, husband and me." Jenna Lewis, Espirit Skin Care Salon


Espirit Skin Care Salon, c. 1988


Group Class on bike path in Mill Valley, c. 1993

Villa Marin Retirement Center, c. 1995

Laura G. before and after Dynamic Walking